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Watch a Clip From Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown

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Anthony Bourdain's new show Parts Unknown premieres April 14th, and today CNN has both a preview clip of the show and an interview with Bourdain. First up, Bourdain explains how this new show is different than his last one on some other channel: "Places like Congo, Libya, Myanmar, would have been very, very tricky to do elsewhere. Able to go places I never would have been able to go and look at these cultures in either a bigger picture or a more narrow focus as I choose."

To that end, first up: Myanmar. The clip below does indeed show a slight departure from No Reservations, in that Myanmar is not "places like Spain and Paris and Lyon where [Bourdain's] shoveling a lot of expensive, very good food in [his] face." He does, however, eat some fried street food in Myanmar and check out a human-powered Ferris wheel.

Video: Anthony Bourdain: Why CNN's 'Parts Unknown' Will Be Different

Video: Parts Unknown: Human-Powered Ferris Wheel

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