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Watch Conan Learn Table Manners at Charm School

Late night host Conan O'Brien is filming his show in Atlanta this week, and last night he got a dose of southern etiquette at a charm school. A far cry from fistfighting at Waffle House, this adventure has Conan learning the ins and outs of table manners from a gentlewoman named Cindy. From polite conversation to correctly using utensils, Conan's skills are put to the test. "Like ships that go out to sea, I spoon my soup away from me," Cindy says as Conan masters the art of the soup spoon. Conan proves to be a quick study: "And when the soup has left the bowl, I cram the soup into my hole." Watch till the end to see Conan quiz children on proper utensil usage at graduation.

Video: Conan Enrolls In Southern Charm School

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