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In-N-Out Is the First Stop for Innocent Arizona Man After 42 Years in Jail

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Photo: shinyasuzuki / Flickr

If you were imprisoned for decades for a crime you didn't commit, what would be the first thing you did when you got out of jail? For one Arizona man, the answer was go to In-N-Out. Louis Taylor, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 42 years for a hotel fire he did not cause, was freed this week and had his attorneys take him to In-N-Out. And, in the local news report below, Taylor jokes, "I went to In-N-Out Burger and they gave me a t-shirt, so now I'm going to ask for endorsements."

The first In-N-Out opened in Tucson in 2007, so they weren't around when Taylor was jailed in 1970. (Although he may have had it in Southern California before then.) The burger chain has been known to bring people to tears, so it seems a fitting choice for a first meal.

Video: Freed Arizona Inmate Grabs In-N-Out Burger, Hikes

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