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Colbert Slams Yelp: 'The Critical Palate of Zagat With Not Having Anything Better to Do'

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Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert picked up on the news that inmates have been reviewing prisons on Yelp. "Although you get your standard restaurant gripes," said Colbert. "Service took forever, was there for 25 years."

After describing Yelp as the "social media review site" that "combines the critical palate of Zagat with not having anything better to do," Colbert then dug up his own show's Yelp page with reviews. Yelpers described the Colbert Report as "a dangerous crowded cramped situation." Other advice included, "Don't bring guns-there's a sensitive metal detector." It still has five stars though.

Video: Yelp Prison Reviews

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