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Watch the Trailer for elBulli-Like Rom-Com Tasting Menu

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Here's the trailer for the Spanish film Tasting Menu. Directed by Roger Gual, it is a mostly English-language ensemble romantic comedy that tracks a couple who book a table for the last night at Chakula, the "best restaurant in the world" and a "culinary Mecca." But things never go as planned in romantic comedies: "by the time the reservation rolls around, they've already been separated for a year." Will their love reignite over spherified olive oil? Riffing on the now-shuttered elBulli, the chef of the seaside restaurant is a woman. According to Deadline, Tasting Menu has been picked up by Magnolia Pictures in the US and the Spanish release is June 14.

The film stars actress Claudia Bassols, occasional Iron Chef America judge and traveling companion to Mario Batali and Mark Bittman in the PBS series Spain... on the Road Again (Bittman was smitten and uh Batali smelled her feet). Tasting Menu is, according to the trailer, a "culinary event not to be missed."

Video: Tasting Menu Trailer

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