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Jon Favreau in Talks to Write/Direct/Star in Chef Film


Writer/director/actor/producer Jon Favreau is currently in talks to write/direct/star in an independent comedy called Chef. According to Variety, the movie "would be set in a Los Angeles-based restaurant run by a emotional chef that Favreau would play." This is not, by the way, the rumored Bradley Cooper project, also called Chef. Maybe it's time to switch up the working titles on these things, everyone.

The Hollywood Reporter has casting rumors. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) is named as a potential ex-wife for Favreau's character, while Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire) is named as the potential sous chef. According to THR, Chef will be "a slice-of-life tale centering on a chef and the people who flit in and out of his life." No word on a timeline (although THR says filming is to start in June); stay tuned.

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