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Listen to Jay Rayner Read From His New Book, A Greedy Man in a Hungry World

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Here are two audio clips from British restaurant critic Jay Rayner's forthcoming book A Greedy Man in a Hungry World, in which, as Rayner put it on Twitter, "You can almost hear [him] spitting." The first clip, which is the book's Author's Note, is an introduction of sorts: "I could tell you that my appetites are entirely unremarkable, that my relationship with food does not dominate my every waking moment. But we both know this would be a lie as big and fat as each of my thighs."

The second clip, "The Campaign For Real Arguments," uses the push towards seasonal eating to illustrate the issues with all-or-nothing food politics. "Arguing for a food policy," he says, "based on the kinds of principles that would make the Amish look like a bunch of happy-go-lucky profligate syberites may make a certain sort of gimlet-eyed, self-regarding food warrior feel self-righteous, it may make them glow with an inner purity...but it will not provide a solution." The book is out May 23 (pre-order on Amazon). Go, listen:

Audio: A Greedy Man in a Hungry World — Author's Note

Audio: A Greedy Man in a Hungry World — The Campaign For Real Arguments

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