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The Couple That Got Engaged on Top Chef: The Cruise

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Photo: Bravo

In Max Silvestri's epic piece on Top Chef: The Cruise, he wrote about a couple that got engaged on board: "We were the first people they'd spoken to after this momentous life event. We bought them champagne, and we learned that their first dates had been on Wednesday nights, to cook and watch Top Chef together..."

Bravo's blog The Dish talked to Sarah Tedford, half of the happy couple. Said Tedford: "We go back to the room and after I'm finished with my dental care he asks me to come lie on the bed with him. I go over and he says, 'You know I really do want to marry you.'" Afterwards: "We then went downstairs to celebrate with a drink and that when we ran into Max and Leah who we had met at dinner that night."

The third person they told was (obviously) chef and DJ Hubert Keller. Said Tedford, "Incidentally, Joe and I would be very happy to have him DJ our reception." Their wedding date is December 14th. Save the date everybody.

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