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René Redzepi: A Work in Progress, a 3-Volume Book Coming This Fall

Photo: Phaidon

Add another one to the list: Noma chef René Redzepi has a book coming out from Phaidon this Fall. Confirming rumors from about a year ago, this morning Redzepi tweeted, "Final manuscript for our new book just delivered! 200-page journal on our creativity and life....done! Due from @Phaidon this November." The book will be called René Redzepi: A Work in Progress.

A spokesperson for Phaidon tells Eater details about the three-volume book:

· One volume will be a "cookbook of 100 new recipes with gorgeous photography."
· Another will be a "60,000 word personal journal by Rene Redzepi exploring creativity." (That'd be the manuscript he tweeted about.) That will be one of the volumes; Phaidon's website says it's a year-long journal that attempts to answer the question "How do you achieve greater creativity at the world's best restaurant?"
· The third will be a "book of snapshots instagram-style of personal photographs of the Noma team, and how they work."

Phaidon's website reveals photography will be done by Ditte Isager, who also shot the photos for Noma. And also? It will only cost $49.95, which is kind of a steal for three books.

This will be Redzepi's third cookbook, and second for Phaidon. The first book is quite rare and a major trophy for collectors; the second, called Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine, won two James Beard Awards.

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