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Watch the Weird and Sad 'Brooklyn Hipster Brunch' Video

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Here's a music video from Cooking Channel's incredibly affected Nadia G about eating brunch in Brooklyn. Not only can she cook "bitchin'" food, but she can rap and dance too. She's the total package.

This disturbing video takes place in an as yet unidentified Brooklyn restaurant and features Nadia doing her best to ridicule the tradition of "the Brooklyn hipster brunch" and rap at the same time. Nadia makes fun of hipsters because she is edgy and her show is called Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen which makes her the authority on all things rad. Did you see her tattoos?

Things that get mocked as being hipster by the "deliciously demented" television host: ristretto, fair trade coffee, Brooklyn, the L train, Ray-Bans, vegan ham, tight jeans, Silver Lake, Austin, and beards. "Girlies so fly with their mom jeans tush/Boys' faces hairy like a '70s bush," she raps with crazy eyes. Nadia also shakes a lot of ass in floral jean cut-offs. Go, watch, despair.

Video: Nadia G's Brooklyn Hipster Brunch

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