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Anthony Bourdain Boldly Bites Back at Fox News

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Earlier today Fox News took a jab at its cable news competitor CNN with the story attacking Anthony Bourdain with the title "Is CNN using potty-mouthed chef to boost ratings?" Bourdain is the host of the new CNN series Parts Unknown, and the network has been somewhat liberal by not bleeping his use of the word "shit." So naturally, Bourdain went on a tirade, tweeting, "Hasn't FOX pretty much pioneered the loosening of standards and practices on both broadcast and cable?" He also reminded Fox News and his audience that his book imprint on Ecco is in fact owned by HarperCollins, which in turn is owned by News Corporation, the same parent company as Fox News. Tweeted Bourdain, "FOX might have mentioned I work for the company #companyman" and then "If FOX has problems with my potty mouth, their sister company can easily choose to stop profiting from it!"

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