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Food Network and Travel Channel Announce New Shows

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Scripps Network Interactive has announced new 2013 programming for the Travel Channel, Food Network, and Cooking Channel. There are a lot of familiar faces, some new ones, and a whole bunch of format recycling going on. For the Travel Channel, look forward to Adam Richman's Fandemonium and a new show from Daymon Patterson (the YouTube fast food-reviewing sensation known as Daym Drops),.

For the Food Network, there is: something called Bubba's Grills Gone Wild, Chef Roulette (in which chefs are challenged with a spinning wheel), On the Rocks (an apparent knockoff of Spike's Bar Rescue), Cutthroat Kitchen (a reality competition show with Alton Brown as "the devilish provocateur"), Extreme Tupperware Ladies, and a show called Beat Bobby Flay. There will be a special called Guy & Rachael's Kids Cook-Off with "downright adorable contestants."

The Cooking Channel will have new shows like Donut Showdown (like Cupcake Wars but donuts?) and The Freshman Class that tracks culinary students at the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge Below, the descriptions for all the new programs:

Travel Channel

·Adam Richman's Fandemonium: (formerly announced as "Tailgate Takeover"): This new show finds Adam Richman eating greasy food again, this time as part of "a mission to find the wildest fan events in America and meet the fanatics of anything worshipped, watched or celebrated." As part of that mission, Richman "samples the tastiest foods, discovers the finest tailgate innovations and uncovers the storied history and insider secrets to what being a diehard fan is all about." (Premiering on Sunday, July 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

·Get Lost (wt): In this show, a married couple with survival expertise is "dropped blindly into the wilderness, with limited supplies and precious few clues as to where they actually are."

·Best Daym Takeout:: A newer face on the scene, host Daymon Patterson made a name for himself doing reviews of fast food restaurants on YouTube. To quote the press release, "Every bit of his 6-foot-5-inch, 390-pound frame is filled with a lot of love – for both food and comedy!" In the show, Patterson will "give fans his unique reviews and off-the-wall commentary while traveling the country in search of the best carryout in each town he visits."

Backroad Gold:
Think American Pickers with a more vehicular focus. An antique car expert will scour "the highways, back roads and small towns of America, wheeling and dealing for hidden riches such as antique cars, motorcycles, trucks, gas pumps and road signs."

Food Network

·Giving You the Business: Food Network's take on Undercover Boss, the show has employees competing for "he opportunity to own their own franchise. The twist? The employees don't know." (Series Premiere: April 2013)

·Food Court Wars: Tyler Florence hosts this shows that "pits two teams of aspiring food entrepreneurs against one another as they battle to win their own food court restaurant rent-free for a year." The restaurant that profits the most wins their restaurant space. (Series Premiere: July 2013)

·Bubba's Grills Gone Wild: This show is basically American Chopper, but instead of building bikes the crew bills custom barbecue grills. (Series Premiere: July 2013)

·Chef Roulette: A cooking competition show in which four chefs efforts to create a meal are thwarted by having to spin a wheel that can effect their cooking station and dishes. (Series Premiere: August 2013)

·The Shed (wt): The show follows the Orrisons, a Mississippi family with a chain of barbecue restaurants. (Series Premiere: August/September 2013)

·On the Rocks: This show is basically Bar Rescue but on Food Network. On the show, bar and club consultant John Green "travels to bars around the country to help them keep their doors open and get business back to normal." (Series Premiere: September 2013)

·Cutthroat Kitchen (wt): This cooking competition will give chefs $25,000 and permission to sabotage each other as they compete to win the episode. Alton Brown is on board as "the devilish provocateur." (Series Premiere: September 2013)

·Grocery Games: A cooking competition with a supermarket theme. Events will include "adhering to 'real-world' challenges of shopping on a budget, substituting out-of-stock ingredients, and cooking (and checking out) with five items or less." (Series Premiere: September/October 2013)

·Extreme Tupperware Ladies: A show that "pulls the curtain back from one of America's most iconic brands, giving viewers an insider's glimpse of a vibrant, fun and completely unexpected culture where top saleswomen and men are making millions, and having a ball doing it." (Series Premiere: October 2013)

·Bossover (wt): Mario Batali's right hand man Joe Bastianich will give "makeovers" to terrible restaurant bosses. Bosses will have to "perform his employees' jobs to realize that success must start at the top." (Series Premiere: October 2013)

·Restaurant Divided: Think Top Chef restaurant wars meets Kitchen Nightmares. The show will split a failing, family-run restaurant in half, and give two warring factions a budget to transform the space and compete against each other. (Series Premiere: October 2013)

·Restaurant Express: Robert Irvine puts eight restaurateurs on a bus, and tests their business skills. The contestant left on the bus at the end gets their own restaurant to run. (Series Premiere: November 2013)

·Beat Bobby Flay:This show will have nothing to do with baseball bats; instead contestants will "travel to New York for the chance to challenge Bobby Flay to a head-to-head cook-off of their specialty." (Series Premiere: TBD 2013)

·Chef Marks the Spot: In this cooking competition "two blindfolded chefs are dropped into a real-world environment far from a standard kitchen and pantry – a carnival, dormitory, boardwalk, shopping mall, airplane, hospital, the Las Vegas Strip, Times Square, etc. After removing their blindfolds, the chefs only have a 50-foot radius to source their ingredients and prepare a masterful meal." (Series Premiere: TBD 2013)

·Amateur Chefs Competition Show / American Superstar Chef (wt): As the title suggests, amateur cooks will compete with each other. In this version of the formula, the home cooks will be coached by celebrity chefs. (Premiere: Q1 2014)

·Undercover Critics: Restaurant reviewers give owners the chance to correct problems before they file a review. Apparently, this will be happening at "established restaurants." (Series Premiere: Q1 2014)

Food Network Specials

·Guy & Rachael's Kids Cook-Off (wt): The dynamic duo "challeng[es] the most impressive, determined and downright adorable contestants ever – kids!" (Series Premiere: September 2013)

·Food Network's 20th Birthday Special:Chefs and hosts from Food Network's 20 years on air will participate. Montages possible. (Premiere: November 2013)

·Thanksgiving Live!:A two-hour live show including a Q&A with Food Networkpeople, plus cooking demonstrations. (Live Premiere: November 2013)

·Your Dish Is My Command: A new special from Rachael Ray where she " fulfills the dream of some of her biggest fans by cooking with them." (Premiere: December 2013)

Cooking Channel

·Pizza Cuz: A new show hosted by the owners of New York City's Artichoke Basille's Pizza. First cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille will "travel everywhere the pizza pie can take them – from San Francisco to Philadelphia – tasting, meeting, and discovering all things pizza." (Series Premiere: May 2013)

·Tripping out with Alie and Georgia (wt): Friends Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark road trip together and then share the experiences with friends over food and cocktails. (Series Premiere: June 2013)

·The Freshman Class: This reality show will chronicle the lives of "four aspiring chefs from day one of classes at the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge through their final exams at the end of their first semester as they embark on the journey to earn a culinary degree." (Series Premiere: June 2013)

·Restaurant Takeover: Another Kitchen Nightmares-style restaurant makeover show. This version will feature two experts leading the makeover instead of one. (Series Premiere: August 2013)

·Food Fanatics (wt): Host Eden Grinsphan travels the country meeting "merica's greatest and funniest online foodies." (Series Premiere: September 2013)

·Ching's Menu Makeover: A restaurant makeover show specializing in Chinese restaurants, hosted by Ching He-Huang. (Series Premiere: October 2013)

·Donut Showdown: Three of the country's best donut makers compete for a $10,000 prize each episode. (Series Premiere: October 2013)

·America's Best Bites: "Host Natalie Forte scours the country to feature those hidden gems and local favorites in each episode of America's Best Bites." (Series Premiere: April 2013)

Cooking Channel Specials

·Giada in Paradise: Thailand: Giada goes to Thailand on "a glamorous once-in-a-lifetime adventure." (Special Premiere: April 2013)

·Bite Me – Austin: Nadia G heads to Austin, shenanigans and shoe shopping ensue. (Special Premiere: September 2013)

·Deen Brother's Christmas: Paula Deen's offspring prepare a Christmas meal for the family. (Special Premiere: December 2013)

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