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CA Restaurant Stops Serving Foie Gras After PETA Threats

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Photo: Broadway / Facebook

Animal rights activists PETA have successfully bullied a Southern California restaurant into giving up foie gras. After PETA sent a letter threatening to sue Broadway by Amar Santana unless they stopped skirting California's foie gras ban, the restaurant has decided serving foie is not worth the trouble. Chef Santana had been giving away foie as a complimentary snack alongside a $55 glass of sauternes, but Santana's partner Ahmed Labbate tells the Los Angeles Times they'll stop. "I wish I had the money to fight PETA, but we don't," Labbate told the Times. "We're a small restaurant and we don't have the means."

According to Labbate, Broadway received emails and phone calls threatening protests. As one angry woman put it on the restaurant's Facebook page, "STOP SERVING DUCK LIVERS, IT'S INHUMANE AND WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT AND IT'S JUST FOOD, FOR GOD SAKES." Well, they stopped serving foie gras.

PETA is, of course, delighted by this outcome. A spokesperson for the organization called it "the right and humane decision." She also denied PETA had anything to do with the angry threats.

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Broadway by Amar Santana

328 Glenneyre St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651