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Pizza Hut Unleashes 'Crazy Cheesy Crust' Pizza

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An undated product image provided by Pizza Hut
An undated product image provided by Pizza Hut
Photo: AP / Pizza Hut
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The wizards in the Pizza Hut kitchen have brought the stuffed-crust madness home. Tomorrow, Pizza Hut will introduce a new pie crust made of 16 pull-apartable cheese-stuffed rolls called the "Crazy Cheesy Crust," Associated Press reports. Chef Wiley Bates III of the Pizza Hut test kitchen explains the thinking behind the pie succinctly in an interview with Yahoo: "Consumers always want more cheese," To that end, the the "pockets" of the crust contain a blend of asiago, romano, fontina, provolone, and mozzarella.

The concept and shape of this pizza is similar to the Crown Crust, a pizza with a crust studded by meatballs, cream cheese, mini cheeseburgers, and chicken nuggets that the Hut rolled out first in the Middle East almost three years ago and then in Canada last year. The pie also recalls the hot dog-stuffed crust Pizza Hut has sold in the UK, Japan, and Thailand. While the pie clearly has precedent in the Pizza Hut cannon, a company spokesman told the Associated Press, "the Crazy Cheesy Crust was developed for specifically for the U.S. market" and that by not including additional stuffing (like cheeseburgers and hot dogs), Pizza Hut hopes the pie is "not an over-the-top indulgence." The Crazy Cheesy Crust will be available for a limited time run, beginning at $12.99 per pie.

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