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McDonald's Japan Rolls Out Amazing French Fry Holders

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It's Burger Week on Eater. It's also Friday. Making it Fry-day:

[Photo: McDonald's Japan]

Up until this very moment, eating french fries while riding bicycles and driving automobiles has been a terrible inconvenience for humans everywhere. But now, McDonald's Japan has a solution: the potato holder. For a limited time starting April 24, the company has announced that its locations in Japan are giving away these french fry holders to anyone who orders a value meal. And these are a sight to behold: red and emblazoned with the McDonald's logo to look like a regular McDonald's fry container.

As the photographs above clearly indicate, the McDonald's french fry holder is great for eating fries while driving, riding a bike, sitting in a chair or while riding the bus. (Even though presumably when sitting in a chair or riding the bus, you could just use your hands to hold the fries?) A promotional website for the campaign, however, advises people to "please use at your own risk" and to "refrain from eating and drinking while driving." So yes, put that potato holder up in your car so that you can see your french fries at all times, but please do not eat any of them. Happy Fryday of Burger Week, everyone.

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