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Inside BROR, Copenhagen's New Hotness

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[Photos: Christina Flensborg]

Behold BROR, the hot new Copenhagen restaurant that opened earlier this month with the likes of René Redzepi among its first guests. Owners Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman are former sous chefs at Redzepi's top-rated restuarant Noma, which they left back in February to focus on opening BROR. At the time, the two men told Eater that the 46-seat, split-level restaurant would offer both à la carte and tasting menu options. And while Wagman admitted that BROR will certainly be inspired by Noma in some ways, he also noted that "we are strong enough to honor that but ultimately find our own way."

Before BROR officially opened to the public on April 3, the restaurant went through a "betaBROR" testing period. Here's a statement from the restaurant's publicist on how the opening went:

Our opening has exceeded our expectations, quite frankly! Both our betaBROR test concept and the opening week has been fully booked and reservations are pouring in. Of course it creates some kind of hype that Samuel and Victor has been at Noma in the positions they held for so long and that has given us a bit of a head start, but we know that'll even out soon and might even work against us so now we humbly have to start build our own legacy, proving to everyone that we can break away and build something unique. It'll take time but we have a lot of faith in our abilities and our vision is clear but one thing is sure BROR won't be built in a day! Even though BROR is only a couple of weeks old, a couple of Danish publications have already filed their reviews. AOK writes that the kitchen at BROR "is simplified compared to Noma" and offers a lot for your money, adding, "There is almost something democratic about BROR where everyone can get a table and can afford to taste some of the things that have emerged from [Noma]."

And here's the most recent menu:

Bror Menu 18042013

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