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Cop Arrested for Pulling Gun at McDonald's Drive Thru

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Here's something that reads like a drive-thru prank gone horribly wrong. A cop has been arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a customer waiting in the drive-thru line at a Georgia McDonald's, local news channel 11 Alive reports. Ryan Mash, a high school senior, was waiting at the McDonald's drive-thru window with friends last week when a man got out of his car and yelled "Stop holding up the drive-thru line." Mash claims the man went back to his car, and then returned to Mash's car window, leaned in, pointed a gun at Mash's neck, and shouted things like "Do you know who I am?"

The police traced the man's plates to Sgt. Scott Biumi, a cop who has been on the force for 20 years. After Mash and his friends identified Biumi in a photo lineup, the sergeant was arrested. The Forsyth County Sheriff spoke about the incident saying, "We're expected to handle ourselves correctly in high-stress situations, and it's very disappointing that an officer would snap like this." The McDonald's security camera caught the incident on tape. Below, the 11 Alive report that has that McDonald's security footage and an interview with Ryan Mash.

Video: Cop in slow McDonald's line accused of aiming gun at customer ahead of him

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