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PETA Threatens Two CA Restaurants With Suit Over Foie

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Broadway by Amar Santana, Laguna Beach.
Broadway by Amar Santana, Laguna Beach.
Photo: Broadway / Facebook

Time to check in on California's foie gras ban: foie gras is still banned in California, restaurants are still finding ways to serve it anyway, and PETA is threatening to sue the crap out of anyone who manages to do so. Chefs Noah Blom of Arc (Costa Mesa) and Amar Santana of Broadway by Amar Santana (Laguna Beach) have both been sent "letters threatening legal action" by PETA, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Santana is skirting the issue by serving "free" serving of foie with the purchase of a $55 glass of sauternes. According to the Times, he sold 50 orders of the combo in a week, or about 12 pounds of foie. Blom, on the other hand, was serving a foie-based sauce over a steak dish, but "because the ingredient wasn't a focal point of the item it wasn't advertised on the menu." That kind of sounds like you're just straight up serving foie gras?

Anyway, PETA is obviously not happy about any of this. The Animal Legal Defense Fund already sued a Napa restaurant over giving away free foie, so this is clearly the tactic of choice by animal activists. Neither Arc nor Broadway has actually been sued as yet, but never say never. Developing.

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Broadway by Amar Santana

328 Glenneyre St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651