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Epicurious Is Epi-Classy With 'Insensitive' Boston Tweets

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Screengrab: Mr. Media Training

Earlier this morning Epicurious — the recipe website belonging to Condé Nast — posted some insanely insensitive tweets about the bombing yesterday at the Boston Marathon. Mr. Media Training has screengrabs of the tweets, which read:

In honor of Boston and New England, may we suggest: whole-grain cranberry scones!
Boston, our hearts are with you. Here's a bowl of breakfast energy we could all use to start today:

The tweets were deleted after an obvious uproar on Twitter, and then came the apologies:


After blowback, Epicurious' Twitter account was deployed to copy and paste the same apology over over — 17 times — writing: "We truly regret that our earlier food tweets seemed insensitive. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Boston." Brad Phillips over at Mr. Media Training writes succinctly: "The word 'seem' shifts the burden of blame onto their readers, who the brand seems to think were overly sensitive. It stops short of fully acknowledging the obliviousness of their tweets." And then came the full apology:


Epicurious tweeted: "Our food tweets this morning were, frankly, insensitive. Our deepest, sincere apologies." Epicurious has not tweeted since. Epicurious Editor-in-chief Tanya Steel has found time today to tweet about her travel difficulties, but not about this matter.

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