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Christina Tosi Is Writing a 2nd Cookbook, Milk Bar Life

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Photo: Clarkson Potter

Momofuku Milk Bar head honcho Christina Tosi — author of the very fine Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook — has landed a deal for a second cookbook with Clarkson Potter. Called Milk Bar Life, according to Publishers Marketplace it will have "100 recipes for her favorite homemade sweets as well as for the savory dishes she cooks at work and at home." Does that mean candy-dipped hot dogs? Maybe, but not exactly? Tosi tells Eater:

Milk Bar is nearly 5 years old. The heart of our team has never changed. Off the clock, we bake and we cook and we embrace life. I love one-pot wonders, one-bowl baked goods, and, when I'm not being the boss of a growing company, I have an approach to living that says it's okay to do the dishes the morning after, to jump rope even if you're 88 and that you're never too old, or too young, to have a pen pal, hop like a bunny, knit an ugly hat or learn to play the ukulele. In Momofuku Milk Bar we let the world into our kitchen on the clock, Milk Bar Life will reveal the moments that define who we are off the clock and how every bit of our personality and love for food seeps into our every day.

And here's a sample from the book proposal that was sent along:

I see Milk Bar Life as a chance for me and the girls to take a step away from the bakery and the rules we follow there – a chance to hone in on how we really cook. (Yes, we know how to make savory dishes, too!) Milk Bar Life will have a similarly young, fresh and creative aesthetic to Milk Bar, but with an even lighter and brighter, more approachable outlook: More puppies, grandmas and babies; more scrapbooking and collage, more glass bowls and wooden spoons, milk bar field trips, sleepovers and holiday cookie swaps. Photos will be taken by Gabriele Stabile, the photographer who shot Momofuku and Momofuku Milk Bar. Photography will include warm, homey, friendly, funny documentary shots to convey the vibe and feel of the life Milk Bar's team lives outside of work--the simplest forms of cooking and baking and eating—and delicious, simple, resourceful big food photos, styled by Mark Ibold." – Christina Tosi

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