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Watch an Exclusive Preview of George Motz's Burger Land

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Welcome to Eater's Burger Week 2013. Over the course of the next week, Eater National and all of the local Eater sites will be focusing on anything and everything that's beefy and between two buns. Expect: interviews, maps, guides, burger porn, and much, much more. And if that's not enough hamburger goodness for you, do check out Eater's last Burger Week.


In what is surely a Burger Week 2013 miracle, the premiere of burgerexpert George Motz's new Travel Channel show Burger Land airs tonight at 10:00 ET. A two-hour special ran back in September, but tonight's episode is the first of an 11-episode season. In the exclusive clip below, Motz heads to Miami where he tries out the Latin Burger Truck. What makes the burgers latin? Chorizo: each patty is blended with beef and Argentine chorizo before being topped with caramelized onions, cheese, and a red pepper sauce. Motz's verdict: "So gooey." (If Latin Burger Truck doesn't tempt you, check out previews of Pie 'N Burger and Charlie's in California over on A Hamburger Today.) Below, a preview of Burger Land.

Video: Burger Land: Latin Burger Truck

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