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LA's Trois Mec to Use Tickets System From Next, Alinea

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Trois Mec will have no signage in the old Rafallo's pizzeria.
Trois Mec will have no signage in the old Rafallo's pizzeria.
Photo: Matt Kang / Eater LA

Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo are opening the 26-seat Trois Mec in Los Angeles this week, and it will be the second restaurant not owned by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas to use Kokonas' ticketing system instead of reservations. A five course meal will run you $97.13, which includes tax and tip but not booze. (Sorry.) And you better get there on time: as Lefebvre tells the Los Angeles Times, much like a baseball game "If you're late, the game's starting anyway." As in, plates will start dropping regardless of whether your whole table has arrived or not.

Obviously the decision to use a ticketing system, especially in Los Angeles, reflects strongly on the ongoing current discussion on how to deal with no-shows. Just a few weeks ago, restaurant Red Medicine caused a stir by outing some no show customers on Twitter.

To register for the Trois Mec ticket system, head over to their website tomorrow (April 16) at 10:00AM PT. Tickets go on sale Wednesday April 17 at 8:00AM PT.

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Trois Mec

716 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038