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Houston Bistro Apologizes for Domestic Violence Sign

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Roots Bistro, Houston.
Roots Bistro, Houston.
Photo: @swilson191 / Twitter

Roots Bistro in Houston, Texas posted the above sign outside their restaurant over the weekend, which reads "Beer Should Be Like Violence: Domestic." Ouch. Needless to say, people were not pleased. A manager for the restaurant told the Houston Press the sign was only up for ten minutes, but it was up long enough to get posted on Twitter and start a total shitstorm reaction from customers and media alike. Apparently the sign is normally much more benign, touting food aphorisms like "Support Local Farmers." Not this time, though.

A restaurant manager told the Press employees often look up funny signs from other restaurants on the internet, and "another business had posted" the domestic violence slogan. So...sure, go for it? Apparently a customer pointed out that the sign might offend people, and the restaurant took it down shortly thereafter.

Two attempts at managing the situation were posted once Roots removed the offending slogan. First, they posted "Seriously Focus Your Energy on Equal Rights," which is totally apologetic and not defensive at all. Then, finally, the below signs which reads: "Sorry a Million Times Over Houston." Stay classy, Roots Bistro.

[Photo: Roots Bistro / Facebook]

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Roots Bistro

507 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006