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Introducing the Ron Swanson Banana Burger

Last night on Parks and Recreation hero Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) created what could only be called the "Ron Swanson Banana Burger." While it's no Ron Swanson Turkey Burger — a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger — it's clearly the next step in healthy eating.

After being told that he needed more potassium in his diet and to eat a banana once in a while, Swanson responded, "No thank you. I live the way I live. I eat the things I eat. And I'll die the way I'll die." He was reminded that he's dating a woman with two kids, so he takes up the challenge to eat a banana. It proves too difficult to eat the banana on its own, so he sticks half of a banana inside a bacon cheeseburger from Paunch Burger and smashes it down, creating the "Ron Swanson Banana Burger." Watch:

Paunch Burger is the fictional chain that serves things like 512 oz "child size" sodas and the #2 special: a Double Bacon Grenade Deluxe, hashbrowns, chili cheese fries, and one poached egg.

Video: The Ron Swanson Banana Burger

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