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Watch More Creepy Cannibalistic Food From Hannibal

The creepy cannibalistic food adventures of psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter on Hannibal continued last night, this time with "pork" loin served with a Cumberland sauce of red fruits. The super-stylized food is from José Andrés, the "culinary consultant" on the show. Andrés hit up NBC's Hannibal Tumblr to write about his thinking (along with concept illustrations). Wrote Andrés: "This was one of the most exciting episodes for me because it was the first time that Hannibal was going to prepare/cook a human and feed him to Jack... Cumberland is the traditional English sauce - that also happens to be in the classic Auguste Escoffier book - and I thought that referencing the conventional names of recipes would give Hannibal an even greater credibility by being gastronomically savvy." Here's video:

Video: More Creepy Cannibalistic Food From Hannibal

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