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Eater Young Guns Update: From 3,000 to 650 Nominees

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eater-young-guns-2012.pngQuick update on Young Guns, Eater's annual roll call of the next guard: On March 15, the call for public nominations for the 2013 search ended. Since then, a crack team of Eater HQ analysts took the list of 3,000 names submitted by readers, Eater editors, and Young Guns Committee members, and culled it down.

The process involved eliminating duplicates (although it was noted how many times each person was nominated) and removing names of the already lauded and well-known industry folk (sorry Alex Stupak). Also removed from consideration: under-qualified nominees, candidates who didn't meet the age requirements (Young Guns must be under 30 or in the industry less than five years), and those who are not currently working in the restaurant industry in the United States at present.

After a great deal of whittling, the list included a solid 650 names. Starting right now, trusted committee members and Eater editors have now decamped to Eater's underground bunker to pour over that list and will emerge with a group of the 50 semifinalists. Throughout May and June, Eater will present the evidence of the talent of these 50 future stars. And on June 21 the final class of 2013 Eater Young Guns will be announced. They will then be feted in the grandest of ways in Los Angeles that very weekend.

You're invited, of course, but more on that later. For now, sit tight.
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