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Sydney Chef Arrested for Stabbing Complaining Customer

Screengrab: The Sydney Morning Herald
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A Sydney, Australia chef was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly stabbing a customer. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the chef of Pakistani and Indian restaurant Red Chilli has been charged with "reckless wounding" after purportedly running a skewer through customer Jamil Hossain's hand.

A press release from the police explains that an altercation in the restaurant began when a group of customers complained about the service. At this point, the chef allegedly threatened the men with a metal skewer, prompting the customers to leave and the chef to follow. According to the complaining witnesses, the chef went back inside the restaurant, and then returned to the street with the skewer, piercing it straight through Jamil Hossain's hand. The chef will appear in court next month. Below, a video in which Hossain explains the experience.

Video: When a dinner complaint got out of hand

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