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René Redzepi Addresses Noma's Norovirus Outbreak

Photo: pazca / Flickr

As Copenhagen restaurant Noma recovers from a norovirus outbreak that affected about 63 diners, chef René Redzepi talked to the Toronto Star about the scandal's effect on the restaurant. "It's hard, nothing can prepare you for it," Redzepi told the Star, speaking of the media frenzy caused by the outbreak. "You realize you've become this thing where every little item is hugely interesting." Since the outbreak, Noma has begun sending shellfish to a lab for testing, and they link to their health inspection on their homepage. (All smiley faces right now, thanks.)

According to Redzepi, the restaurant took an active approach to solving the outbreak crisis: "This attack of a virus is the same as when a dishwasher breaks. You fix it. So we fixed it." Meanwhile, Redzepi is continuing on the symposium circuit, with a stop in Toronto to give the keynote at the Terroir Symposium.

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