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Are These Food & Wine's Best New Chef 2013 Picks?

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Jamie Malone. [Photo: <a href=";set=pb.122299548321.-2207520000.1364851118&amp;type=3&amp;theater">Sea Change / Facebook</a>] Jason Vincent [Photo: <a href="">Huge Galdo
Jamie Malone. [Photo: Sea Change / Facebook] Jason Vincent [Photo: Huge Galdo
Photo: Krieger

Food & Wine magazine editor Dana Cowin has been tweeting riddles all day alluding to this year's batch of Best New Chefs, and below, Eater takes a stab at guessing the answers. Food & Wine will announce the class of 2013 tomorrow morning on CBS, so tune in then to see if the list below is correct. Update: Here is the full list.

Clue #1: Fishy Global Warming
Eater's Best Guess: Jamie Malone, Sea Change, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clue #2: midwest morningtree.
Eater's Best Guess: Jason Vincent, Nightwood, Chicago

Clue #3: tattoo necessity.
Eater's Best Guess: Michael Voltaggio, Ink, Los Angeles

Clue #4: Asian Salvation in NYC.
Eater's Best Guess: Danny Bowien, Mission Chinese, New York City

Clue #5: opposite day. East Tunnel in the southeast.
Eater's Best Guess: Matthew Gaudet, West Bridge, Cambridge, Mass.

Clue #6: Juan Joseph Henry. This is a ground-breaking firrst guesser, so open the boundaries of your mind for this best new chef
Eater's Best Guess: José Enrique, José Enrique, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Clue #7: Texas side of things never seen.
Eater's Best Guess: Chris Shepherd, Underbelly, Houston

Clue #8: eggplant by the sea.
Eater's Best Guess: Justin Cogley, Aubergine, Carmel, California

Clue #9: Aretha Franklin, BBKing + Isaac Hayes could have shared some pasta in thIs homey kitchen.
Eater's Best Guess: Andy Ticer & Michael Hudman, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, Memphis

Clue #10: A NYC push con anticipacion
Eater's Best Guess: Alex Stupak, Empellon and Empellon Cocina, New York City

Update: Here is the full list.

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