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Bobby Flay to Gordon Ramsay: 'Show Up or Shut Up'

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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay was up to his usual shenanigans in a profile for Men's Journal's when he said that he could out-cook Bobby Flay: "I've forgotten more than he's known!" And this morning Flay challenged Ramsay on Twitter: ". @gordonramsay01...disappointed but noted. Let's settle this like men, in the kitchen! No words, just knives. Show up or shut up."

In the Men's Journal's profile, Ramsay said:

I can still look at a box of raw ingredients and put together the best fucking dish you'll ever eat. That's why I laugh when they say, 'Let's see if he's a real chef. Let's get him up against Bobby Flay on 'Iron Chef.'' I'm like, 'Fucking do me a favor...come on. I've forgotten more than he's known!'

So maybe there's the possibility of an epic Iron Chef showdown between Ramsay and Flay? Bobby Flay has competed in a total of 59 episodes of Iron Chef America (winning 41 of them), so he might have the edge and home field advantage. Tweeted Justin Warner : "@bflay You're a class act, and my money's on you." Developing. Hopefully live on Pay Per View.

Update: Gordon Ramsay responded to Bobby Flay's challenge in a very obtuse way by tweeting: "RT 1hr cook off you've got a 45min Head start !!!!! DONE !"

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