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Bon Appétit Named Mag of the Year Finalist in the SPDs

Photos: Bon Appétit and Swallow

The Society of Publication Designers has named Bon Appétit among its five finalists for magazine of the year in an annual competition that "recognizes the highest examples of design, photography and illustration excellence in both print and digital platforms." Beyond magazine of the year, Bon Appétit is also in contention for a few photography nods as well as awards for features and section design.

But it's not just Bon App getting the nominations. James Casey's newcomer Swallow Magazine is also a finalist for a couple of the design and photography categories (including entire issue design). It is also a finalist for bespoke boutique magazines under a 20,000 circulation. According to a press release, the gold and silver medal winners will be presented at an awards gala in New York City on May 10.

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