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Canada Gets Pizza Hut's Crown Crust Pizza Before US

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Photo: Pizza Hut Canada / Facebook

All those crazy Pizza Hut stuffed-crust pizzas served in the rest of the world are getting a little bit closer to home: Pizza Hut Canada now has the Crown Crust Pizza. This overloaded monstrosity contains meatballs and cheese "gems" baked into the crust, reports Brand Eating. It was originally introduced by Pizza Hut Middle East, which served two versions: one with cheeseburgers in the crust and one with chicken fillets.

Canada's Crown Crust Pizza also has its own medieval-themed social media campaign, involving a king, Crown Crust Pizzas, and an antique form of "tweeting" that involves actual birds. As of press time, the "king" has not responded to Twitter queries concerning the Crown Crust Pizza coming to the US. Below, an ad for the pizza.

Video: A Meal Fit For a King

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