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Robot Bartenders Are the New Mixologists

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Photo: Party Robotics

Look out bartenders, mixologist, and cocktailarians, robots are coming for your jobs: a Kickstarter for the cocktail-making robot Bartendro has made $54,574 towards its $135,000 goal with 25 days left. Bartendro is operated by a tablet/smartphone app that accesses an open database of drinks to dispense precise quantities of alcohol, and creators Rob Kaye and Pierre Michael are looking to raise money to continue production. (Backers of the project get either a bot that makes drinks from three liquids or the one bottle "ShotBot," depending on how much cash they pony up.)

While obviously this kind of thing can't actually replace high end cocktails made by a human being, it could be pretty popular in situations where simpler cocktails reign supreme. Think airplanes, fratty spring break bars, catering situations. Anyway, here's a video demonstrating the robotic future of boozing.

Video: Bartendro - A Cocktail Dispensing Robot

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