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Canadian Barbecue Restaurant Flies Confederate Flag, Gets Vandalized in Protest

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Hillybilly Heaven.
Hillybilly Heaven.
Photo: @brundle_fly / Twitter

Last night protesters in Hamilton, Ontario graffitied the Confederate flag that flies above the soon-to-open second outpost of barbecue restaurant Hillbilly Heaven. CBC reports that "the side wall had [also] been spray painted with the word 'Antifa zone,' a reference to anti-fascism and a response to the restaurant's decision to fly the 'stars and bars.'" According to the report, the perpetrators, if caught, could be charged with mischief.

When reached for comment, owner Cameron Bailey told CBC, "I'm not going to let a bunch of media people, academics or hipsters intimidate me. If the Supreme Court of Canada tells me to take it down, I'll take it down. But other than that, never." Bailey claims he is "not racist" and that this is a reference to Southern tradition. Earlier this week, before last night's incident, Bailey defended the choice in an interview with the National Post, and the CBC reported on the controversy and Bailey's resolve to keep the flag there. See that news segment below:

Video: CBC Segment

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Hillbilly Heaven

King St E & Walnut St N Hamilton, ON, Canada