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The Best Passive Aggressive Tweets From Michelin

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Background photo: Shutterstock/Photoshop: Raphael Brion/Eater

Michelin has Twitter accounts for the three US cities with a guide — New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco — and most of the time the tweets are dull and generic platitudes. But all three accounts also have a nasty streak, full of weird passive aggressive energy directed at restaurants, waitstaff, fellow diners, and even their employers. It's obviously programmed by some social media consultants to be "edgy" and get attention. But one thing is very clear: the inspectors, hiding behind the veil of anonymity, lash out and troll on Twitter with the best of them, revealing their cruel and icy hearts.

The Michelin inspectors on Twitter are no different than awful Yelpers who don't bring up issues while in a restaurant. Instead they opt to complain in a very public yet totally anonymous way. Scratch that: They're worse than Yelpers, since Michelin inspectors have actual power. All these negative tweets from Michelin are supposed to be advice or "constructive criticism," but it all comes off as crude, juvenile sniping from their happy little perch built on top of a pile of tires. These tweets probably make the restaurant owners in question shit their pants a little. Here now, the best jaded and angry tweets from Michelin:




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