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Inside Attendant, a London Deli in a Victorian Urinal

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Attendant, London. [Photo: Attendant / Facebook]

Built inside an 1890 public men's urinal underneath the streets of London, Attendant is perhaps the last place one might think to look for a decent sandwich. And yet sandwiches you will find at this brand new deli from business partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell. It actually looks kind of charming? The restaurant gets its name from the urinal's original Attendant office, which now houses the kitchen. Tomlinson reportedly spent £100,000 (US $150,640) converting the space, which preserves the original tile work and, yes, the urinals themselves.

Anyway, according to Vanity Fair, the duo got the idea when they were drinking beers nearby and saw a "For Let" sign on the Victorian iron work outside the toilet. As for the food, expect "meticulously sourced" ingredients, breakfast, lunch (New York-style sandwiches) and coffee. According to a job posting, "Think Man v. Food and you will understand what we are about."

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