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Watch Boulud, Vongerichten, and Keller Discuss the Legacy of Bocuse and the Future of French Cuisine

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When the Culinary Institute of America dedicated the Bocuse Restaurant last month, they took advantage of the big name chefs coming to campus by hosting a panel dedicated to legendary chef Paul Bocuse. In the star-studded discussion below, Daniel Boulud tells a story about first meeting Paul Bocuse, who promptly made him get rid of his sunglasses and go get a haircut. Thomas Keller does a fake French accent (yes really, but not for very long) and tells the story of the time he met Paul Bocuse on an airplane. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Jerome Bocuse, and more are also on hand to discuss Bocuse's influence on their lives and on the culinary field as a whole. Here are the videos:

Video: The Bocuse Legacy, Part One

Video: The Bocuse Legacy, Part Two

Video: The Bocuse Legacy, Part Three

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