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Andrew Zimmern's AZ Canteen Opens at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN

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AZ Canteen at Target Field.
AZ Canteen at Target Field.
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Stadium dining is looking up for Minnesota Twins fans as Opening Day approaches. Food personality, chef, and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern is bringing Target Field a brand new grill location of AZ Canteen, the food truck that he launched last year at the Minnesota State Fair. According to a press release, the grill will feature a Pat LaFrieda lamb/goat blend Canteen Burger, as well as other unspecified items from the food truck's menu, which includes things like crispy pork belly and a Cabrito sausage grinder with cabbage slaw.

It seems all of this got started last year when Zimmern — a Minnesota Twins season ticket holder — complained about the quality of the food at the park. As he told Food Republic in an interview last May, "This is the great thing about doing what I do. I sit there and I tweet, 'Oh my God, Opening Day, food sucked.' And the president of the Twins calls me and says, 'Come on, let's take a meeting. I want to talk to you about this.'" Andrew Zimmern to the rescue, everyone. Find it in Section 120.

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Target Field

1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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