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Watch Nightline Boldly Look Into the Breastaurant Boom

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Nightline is on it with this pervy story about the prevalence of so-called breastaurants like Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt, Canz, and, of course, Hooters. Far from a simple business analysis of the trend, however, the segment is chock full of breast-puns (the word "ample" is used several times in different contexts, Hooters' sales are described as "sagging," that kind of thing) and lingering shots of curvy servers they keep calling "young women" and "young ladies." At one point, Nightline asks a 22-year-old server, "Do you think [diners are] coming in here to eat the food, or they're coming in here to stare at you?" Both, is the cheerful answer.

And how much cleavage is in this segment? So much. The camera focuses almost exclusively on the servers' lowcut uniforms, sometimes entirely cutting the women's heads out of the shot. Hooters even declined to participate in the story, and merely released a statement saying, "The restaurant model that others have dubbed 'breastaurants' is a moniker too shallow to define Hooters."

It's worth noting that Nightline, ABC's TV newsmagazine for the olds, was kicked back an hour in its timeslot to make room for Jimmy Kimmel, so now the show is just straight up trolling for viewers. And also, apparently, showing a little skin. Not that long ago, the show was home to the very good "Platelist" series which profiled chefs like Graham Elliot, Rene Redzepi, and Rick Bayless. But those days are long gone.

Watch the video below, but be warned: it's a little like going to Hooters with your creepy Uncle Nightline.

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