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Keith McNally Is Writing a Schiller's Liquor Bar Book

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What's this? New York (and London) restauranteur Keith McNally is coming out with a book of cocktails (well, technically, four books of cocktails) from his much-beloved Lower East Side restaurant Schiller's Liquor Bar. There aren't many details on the book apart from this photo; as you can see, it's a box set of four miniature books titled "Classic Cocktails," "Artisanal Updates," "Seasonal Drinks," and "The Bartender Handbook." Amazon says it's 96 pages long, so expect this one to be short and sweet. While the Balthazar Cookbook was coauthored by chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, this book just has McNally's name on it.

And now, here's Eater co-founder, former Lower East Side denizen, and longtime Schiller's patron Lockhart Steele on the beauty of the neighborhood bar:

Schillers, for years, was my living room. The place keeps bartenders the way some places keep potted plants — forever. They know the regulars and they know your drink and even at midnight when the room's overflowing with beautiful people they pick you out of the crowd and make sure you get what you want. To say nothing of Magic Hour, the 5pm-ish moment when they walk around and offer anyone hanging out a free donut from the donut tray. That may not have anything to do with drinking, exactly, but it somehow always let me know it was okay to order a cocktail, and that the night would take it from there.

The Schiller's Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection comes out from Clarkson Potter on October 29 (pre-order on Amazon).

Update: Clarkson Potter tells Eater the Amazon data is somewhat misleading. Each book will actually be 96 pages (384 total), including 150 cocktail recipes and about 100 photos.

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Schiller's Liquor Bar

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