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First Look: Family Table, the USHG Staff Meal Cookbook

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[Photo: Paula Forbes]

The trend towards restaurant staff meal cookbooks has gotten a little bit tedious, if only because a large number of restaurants in this country serve their staff crap if they serve anything at all. But luckily for the employees of Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer doesn't run those kinds of restaurants. The forthcoming Family Table: Favorite Staff Meals From Our Restaurants to Your Home by USHG culinary director Michael Romano and Karen Stabiner proves it.

The book is full of the kinds of dishes people like to imagine restaurant staff enjoying before a hard night's work: meaty ragus, soda-glazed short ribs, hotel pans full of macaroni and cheese, and all kinds of panzanellas. And with the book's back stories of the chefs responsible for family meal and photos of staff eating in empty dining rooms, it's easy to believe that the staff at USHG restaurants actually do get these kinds of meals on a daily basis. Family Meal is out from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt April 2 (pre-order on Amazon).

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