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Watch a Super Epic Inside Look at the elBulli Foundation

Just days after Ferran Adrià's BulliPedia presentation to the University of Barcelona was all over the Spanish press comes this epic 19 minute long tour through the elBulliFoundation. Set to intensely jazzy music, the video goes through both renderings and completed spaces to give you an idea of what the Foundation will look like when it opens in early 2015.

There is a huge exhibition on the history of elBulli (complete with tabletop TVs recreating meals and also a giant depiction of Ferran Adrià as a Simpsons character), as well as audiovisual space, an exhibition on renewable energy, something called an "Idearium," and more. Check out the annotated gallery above, or watch the video in all its glory below. Do look out for a cameo by Rene Redzepi and also Ferran Adrià as a scalie.

Video: ElBulli Foundation

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