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The Menu at Guy Fieri's Cruise Ship Burger 'Joint' Is a Wonderful Parody of Itself

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Photos: Carnival

The hamburger "joint" from human lava lamp Guy Fieri, Guy's Burger Joint, first opened in 2011 and is currently rocking on four of Carnival's cruise ships, the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, and Carnival Liberty (and soon a fifth is opening on the Carnival Sunshine in April, you're welcome). Today the Gurgling Cod points out the amazing menu (pdf) and callis it "impressively concise" at least compared to the sprawling menu of Guy Fieri's derided Times Square restaurant Guy's American Kitchen & Bar.

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The menu at Guy's Burger Joint, just five items long, is a haiku-like condensation of the Guy Fieri kool philosophy of cooking. It almost reads like a parody — of which there are many — what with the "Chilius Maximus" that refers to donkey sauce as "the donkey." The Carnival website calls Guy's Burger Joint a "cool poolside spot" and an "experience," which must be true if you get the "Pig Patty" made with a "patty made out of crispy bacon." Here's the full menu and a promo video just to get a feel for the restaurant:

Menu: Guy's Burger Joint

Video: Guy's Burger Joint

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