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Michelin Announces 2013 Stars for Main Cities of Europe

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main-cities-michelin-guide-2013.jpgThe Michelin Guide has announced this year's stars for the Main Cities of Europe, which is partially a remix of some of their other guides but also covers cities that wouldn't otherwise be under Bibendum's watchful, puffy eye. For example: Copenhagen, where once again René Redzepi has not received that coveted third star (Noma remains at two stars). Rasmus Kofoed's Geranium, also in Copenhagen, got bumped up to two stars (get a glimpse of a recent meal there with Bonjwing Lee's photo set). Redzepi's tweeted congratulations to Kofoed and new one star Kadeau: "Copenhagen is on FIRE these years. Congrats to our little City!"

Other big news: Poland got its first ever Michelin star for Wojciech Modest Amaro's Atelier Amaro in Warsaw. And up in Stockholm, two restaurants got their first star, Gastrologik and Ekstedt. All together, Main Cities of Europe covers 44 cities and gained nine new two stars, 50 new one stars and 54 Bib Gourmands. Below, check out the newest stars and a press release.

New Two Stars
Geranium, Copenhagen
Tim Raue, Berlin
Süllberg - Seven Seas, Hamburg
Villa Merton, Frankfurt am Main
&samhoud places, Amsterdam
Aan de Poel, Amsterdam
Enoteca, Barcelona
Moments, Barcelona
Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library), London

New One Stars
Dom Beisl, Vienna
Va Doux Vent, Brussels
Kadeau, Copenhagen
L'Effervescence, Lyon
Le Sergent Recruteur, Paris
Itinéraires, Paris
L'Instant d'Or, Paris
Il Carpaccio, Paris
La Cuisine, Paris
114, Faubourg, Paris
La Dame de Pic, Paris
Gavroche, Strasbourg
En Marge, Toulouse
La poêle d'or, Köln
Weinsinn, Frankfurt am Main
Lafleur, Frankfurt am Main
gourfleets, Hamburg
Yosh, Stuttgart
Schlossgarten Gourmetrestaurant Bernhard Diers, Stuttgart
5, Stuttgart
Hytra, Athens
Locks Brasserie, Dublin
Vun, Milan
La Terrazza, Rome
Pipero al Rex, Rome
Metamorfosi, Rome
Magorabin, Turin
Vo, Turin
Bord'Eau, Amsterdam
HanTing Cuisine, The Hague
Atelier Amaro, Warsaw
Belcanto, Lisbon
Lluerna, Barcelona
Koy Shunka, Barcelona
Nectari, Barcelona
Dos Palillos, Barcelona
Ricard Camarena, Valencia
Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg
Ekstedt, Stockholm
Gastrologik, Stockholm
CLOUDS, Zurich
Alyn Williams at the Westbury, London
St John, London
Dabbous, London
Trishna, London
Launceston Place, London
Tom Aikens, London
St John, London
Medlar, London

Poland wins its first MICHELIN star in the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe 2013

The 32nd edition of the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe features a selection of hotels and restaurants in 44 European cities

Once again this year, the MICHELIN guide inspectors have travelled through 20 countries looking for the best hotels and restaurants in all styles and sizes and for all budgets. For its 32 edition, the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe offers a selection of 3,728 establishments, made up of 2,154 restaurants and 1,574 hotels.

This year's selection includes a number of newly honoured restaurants. These reflect a European culinary scene that is both traditional and inventive and which offers enormous variety to diners, who have a greater understanding and appreciation of cuisine and wines. Illustrating the dynamism of European cuisine, the 2013 edition of the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe includes 9 new n and 50 new m restaurants, making a total of 412 starred restaurants (309 m restaurants, 80 n restaurants and 15 o restaurants). That's nearly 10% more starred restaurants than in 2012, when the guide listed 376 starred establishments.

The new edition of the guide features four important new distinctions. For the first time, a star has been awarded to a restaurant in Warsaw (Poland) – Atelier Amaro – where Michelin inspectors were enchanted by the chef's preparation of local products, his innovative cooking style and original combinations of ingredients. In the Nordic countries, Geranium in Copenhagen was awarded a second star just one year after obtaining its first. In Sweden, Stockholm has two new one-star restaurants, Gastrologik and Ekstedt. Sjömagasinet, one of the most well-known restaurants in Gothenburg, regained its star while Bhoga was included for the first time in the "Rising Star" category.
New stars were also awarded to restaurants in Athens and Vienna.

For readers who want to eat well at a reasonable price, the Michelin inspectors – all of them are full-time employees and former hospitality professionals who work anonymously – have discovered 54 new Bib Gourmand restaurants, bringing the total to 265 in the 2013 edition of the guide. The Bib Gourmand pictogram = shows the head of Bibendum, the Michelin Man, licking his lips. Named after a shortened version of Bibendum, it was created in 1997 and is awarded to restaurants that represent
excellent value for money. Year after year, the Bib Gourmand selection has proved increasingly popular with the public, who are always pleased with a good deal, as well as with restaurant operators who find it is good for business.

Written in English, the MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe targets business customers and tourists visiting the leading European cities. They may want to find accommodation near a convention centre or a tourist attraction, a restaurant in which they can entertain their customers or sample local gourmet cooking, or a reasonably-priced hotel near the city centre.

The guide is filled with valuable information, including street maps of each city showing the exact location of recommended hotels and restaurants; key words which define each establishment's style, and useful tourist information.

Given free of charge to motorists more than 100 years ago, the little 400-page red guide contained useful information about where motorists could find fuel, accommodation or a meal. Since then, the MICHELIN guide has become an international benchmark in hospitality and dining. Today, its 24 editions cover 23 countries and feature more than 45,000 hotels and restaurants. The purpose of the guide is to make travelling easier and more enjoyable for readers. The guide has always supported the Michelin Group's mission, which is expressed in its corporate slogan "A Better Way Forward."

Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart) – Austria (Vienna, Salzburg) – Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp) – Denmark (Copenhagen) – Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia) – Finland (Helsinki) – France (Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse) – United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow) – Greece (Athens) – Hungary (Budapest) – Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence) – Ireland (Dublin) – Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Norway (Oslo) – Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague) – Poland (Warsaw, Krakow) – Portugal (Lisbon) – Czech Republic (Prague) – Sweden (Stockholm, Goteborg) – Switzerland (Bern, Geneva, Zurich).

Available in sales outlets beginning March 14 , the 2013 MICHELIN guide Main Cities of Europe is priced at €23.90. Versions are also available for smartphones and digital tablets.

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