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Hooters Responds to SNL's 'Sex Dungeon' Joke: Really?!?

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The breastaurant chain Hooters is trying to lure women with salads and a makeover that includes wood paneling, and during the "Weekend Update" update segment in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, head writer Seth Meyers joked, "In an effort to stop declining sales, Hooters is now trying to attract women to their restaurants by remodeling their stores and adding salads to the menu. Which is like trying to attract women to your sex dungeon by playing Adele in the background."

And in a somewhat funny yet calculated PR move, a "Hooters Girl" named Whitney bravely responds by parodying Meyers' "Really?!?" segment on the Hooters' YouTube account five days later. "Really Seth?" asks Whitney. "A sex dungeon? You must not get out much if a waitress in orange shorts gets you that worked up... We did expand the menu, but honestly most women just want a burger and a cold beer. Really." Then she invites him to the Manhattan branch of Hooters. "We'll hook you up with a salad," she says. "Tell em I sent you." Here's the SNL video and Hooters' response. >>>

Video: SNL on Hooters

Video: Hooters Responds

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