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First Look: Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy

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Chez Panisse alum, founding chef of Greens in San Francisco, and best-selling cookbook author Deborah Madison has been showing Americans how to properly cook vegetables for decades. Her upcoming cookbook, Vegetable Literacy, takes it a step further: by looking at how vegetables are related to each other biologically, she discovers new ways they can be integrated in dishes. An example: the first chapter looks at carrots, but also anise, caraway, celery, cumin, parsnips and more. All are members of the Apiaceae family, and Madison would argue it's not coincidence that they taste good together.

For chefs that are serious about vegetables — and some have said over and over and over again that they are — this book definitely deserves a place on the shelf. Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy is out now from Ten Speed (pre-order on Amazon).

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