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Khristianne Uy, Charlie Sheen's Chef, Wins The Taste

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Khristianne Uy, the winner of The Taste
Khristianne Uy, the winner of The Taste
Photo: ABC

Spoiler alert you guys: Last night Khristianne Uy won the television show The Taste, the overly perky culinary competition reality show with judges Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey. Khristianne Uy is the self-proclaimed "Kanye West of cooking" and private chef to Charlie Sheen (he is no stranger to the culinary world). And because Sheen was involved, the word "winning" was thrown around a lot. He and his associates have not let it go. See, for example, this cake or Sheen's absolutely miraculous meta tweet:

Khristianne Uy, who was on Brian Malarkey's team, has also appeared on shows like the Real L Word, Chef Wanted, and Millionaire Matchmaker. According to RadarOnline, back in 2007 she pled guilty to felony possession of methamphetamines. She won $100,000, a car, this very spoon-y trophy, and the title of Top Taster. The Taste had mixed reviews and decent ratings. Will a second season ever happen?

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