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Here's a Look Inside Chez Panisse After the Fire

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After last week's fire at legendary Berkeley, California restaurant Chez Panisse, there have been more questions than answers. Will the restaurant rebuild? Yes, said founder Alice Waters. When will they reopen? It's unclear, but reservations have been canceled through "at least March 30." (The restaurant originally said March 23.) How extensive was the damage? Local news channel KRON has an answer to that last question, with a look inside the building.

First of all: the kitchen is "fine, just empty." The building is currently without power — the fire department believes it was an electrical fire — and while the dining room is damaged, the front porch of the building suffered the most. The restaurant will update a post concerning the fire and reopening when they have more information. Below, a look inside the charred but still standing Chez Panisse.

Video: A Look Inside Chez Panisse Shows Fire Damage

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Chez Panisse

1517 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709