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World's 50 Best Rumor: Noma to #2, Narisawa to #1

Photos: Narisawa

Eater operatives stationed inside the World's 50 Best fortress report that Narisawa — the two-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo from chef/owner Yoshihiro Narisawa — will move to the #1 position in the 2013 World's 50 Best list. Word is that it will oust Noma, currently ranked #1, to the #2 spot. Noma has held the #1 spot now for three year running. Narisawa, also known as Les Créations de Narisawa, is currently ranked #27 in the world, but just last month it won the #1 spot in the newly-created Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. Narisawa was ranked #12 in the world in 2011.

While Narisawa's #1 spot is unconfirmed rumor, moving up (or down) the ranks so quickly has happened before in the 50 Best rankings. The judges are a fickle bunch. In 2010 Daniel moved from 33 to 8; in 2011 Thomas Keller's French Laundry went from 32 to 56; and in 2012 Eleven Madison Park moved from 24 to 10. The 2013 World's 50 Best will be announced in London on April 29th.

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