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Philly Restaurant Gets Death Threats Over Horse Meat

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Monsu, Philadelphia, PA.
Monsu, Philadelphia, PA.
Photo: Michael U./Yelp

Outrage was predictable when chef Peter McAndrews announced last week that he was planning to add horse to the menu at his Philadelphia restaurant Monsu. But now things have taken a darker turn: The Metro reports that the South Philly restaurant has been receiving bomb threats daily since the news broke. Even though horse has not even hit the menu at this point, anonymous callers have been threatening to blow up the entire restaurant if it ever does. McAndrews says, "I almost feel like I have the Klan after me. ... It's kind of like I'm looking over my shoulder like I did something wrong. It's not a good feeling, you know what I mean?"

That said, the chef has not alerted authorities to the threats in hopes that "it's a hollow threat and somebody's just being a dope." And he still plans to add horse to his menu in spite of both the threats and the protests that animal activists are already planning against the restaurant — much like they did when New York's M. Wells tried to put horse tartare on its menu. Amazingly, there is only one horse-related Yelp review on Monsu's page so far — a one-star review, of course, that reads, "Horse on menu. Not cool."

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